Black History Month Spotlight: A Conversation with Leah Dixon

Black History Month Spotlight: A Conversation with Leah Dixon

Leah Dixon is a faith, lifestyle, and fashion content creator who has been sharing her journey with her audience for nearly a decade on YouTube and Instagram. This past summer, Leah and her husband Cory became first-time parents to their baby boy Elijah. We spoke to Leah about how she celebrates her Black heritage, what traditions she hopes to pass down to her son, and some of her favorite Black-owned businesses. Read the full conversation below.
leah dixon

1. Can you give us a brief summary of yourself and your family?
My husband Cory and I have been married for about six years. We moved to New Jersey during the pandemic, and have grown to enjoy living on the East Coast. I am originally from the Chicago area and Cory is from Atlanta. This past summer, we had our first child, Elijah. 

2. How do you celebrate your Black heritage?
We celebrate our Black heritage by embodying our Black heritage in our day-to-day lives. We believe that Black heritage is not just what we do, but rather who we are. In this way, everything we do is an example of a celebration of Black heritage. Each day, we strive to be loving and excellent in all we do at home, at work, and in the world while being Black.

3. Are there specific traditions or activities you engage in? 
As Christians, we strive to honor Christ in daily activities such as reading the Bible, praying, and worshiping. Given the significant role the Church has played in Black history, we acknowledge the opportunities we have in maintaining those faith traditions now as a Black family.

4. How do you plan to educate your kids and pass down these traditions to future generations?
Race is a complex phenomenon in our culture and society. Educating our son about those complexities and how they relate to his life and experiences is an unavoidable reality that Black families face. We plan to have conversations with our son that inform him of both the beauty, and unfortunate ugliness, that accompanies a racialized society. We are also excited to be sharing the richness of Black culture and heritage with him now and as he grows.

5. Can you share a Black-owned business you would recommend?
I recommend my sister’s artwork, Inspire By Tyler. She creates 3D art that uses real elements like jewelry, synthetic hair, and fabric. Her art is often representative of Black beauty and culture. She also has 2D prints of her art as well as accessories. Additionally, I recommend my brother’s business Ticket Falcon, a Black-owned ticketing platform. One feature of Black communities is gathering together in fellowship. Ticket Falcon regularly partners with people who organize events from family reunions to Greek organization events to church community events, and more.