Namesake x Sarah Flint

Namesake x Sarah Flint

Namesake recently collaborated with shoe designer and first-time twin mom Sarah Flint on the Sarah Flint x Namesake Crawford Glider and matching Crawford Gliding Ottomans. We spoke with Sarah about her personal inspiration and creative process for the glider's hand-painted floral lattice design, and how she put together her very own Namesake nursery. Check out the highlights below.

sarah flint with babies

What inspired you to become a designer? 
Being a designer was always my dream, and it was my grandmother who instilled in me an appreciation of craft. She was an incredibly chic artist who lived in Paris, and when I would visit her, she would take me to see all of the luxury fashion houses. She cared deeply about longevity, quality, and design. She’d say “I do not have a lot of things, but the things I have are really good.” 
Inspired by her, I decided to pursue shoe design as my career. I studied at Parsons School of Design and FIT in New York before moving to Milan, where I then studied pattern-making and technical production at Ars Sutoria. 
There, I trained alongside artisans in the top factories, but I began to notice a gap in the luxury market. Most of the design houses were run by men, and while they made gorgeous shoes, they didn’t also consider how they could be comfortable and wearable. I had the idea to combine the best parts of luxury design with modern, comfort-driven features, because I wanted to see women actually wearing my shoes out in the world. 

 shoes on chair

What led you to Namesake Home, and why did you choose it for your nursery? 
My sister’s friend initially introduced me to the brand, and I immediately fell in love with the Liberty Crib in forest green. As I did more research, I was so impressed with your safety testing and sustainability measures that I ended up doing my whole nursery in Namesake.  

crib in wallpapered room

What inspired your design for the Sarah Flint x Namesake Crawford Glider pattern? 
I started with a watercolor of bleeding hearts that I hand-painted from my mother's garden. I later composed the print by interlocking the florals to make a lattice design. I love that with this print, I now have a little piece of my mom in my own children’s nursery. 
How would you describe your interior design aesthetic, and how is it reflected in your nursery? 
I would describe my interior aesthetic as English country home meets old-school Americana. I love layering colors, prints, and textures in unexpected ways. I went with a green and coral theme here, starting with the Morris & Co. Sweetbriar wallpaper. I then layered in other shades of green with the molding and crib — and of course more print with the Crawford Glider.  

 crawford glider

What was important to you when planning your nursery?
I wanted to create a space that was beautiful, but also cheerful and comfortable. There are so many special details, from the white sheepskin rugs layered on top of the oatmeal carpet to the custom mobiles with Sarah Flint shoes made from felt. 

top of crib nursery view